Bote Cote – 750mL Non-yellowing Hardener


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Bote Cote Marine Epoxy System is based on modern Technology and is much safer to use than most other Epoxies available in Australia.

  • BOTE- COTE is an easy to use 2:1 mixing ratio, which is a low toxic formulation free of  amine blush under all climatic conditions.
  • BOTE-COTE is solvent free and therefore non-flammable
  • BOTE- COTE is easily removed from  the skin with citrus based hand cleaner or white vinegar.
  • BOTE- COTE Marine Epoxy System preserves timbers natural beauty and warmth, vastly reducing a wooden boats maintenance requirements.  In fact a modern wood/ epoxy composite boat requires no more maintenance than a fiberglass boat.
  • BOTE- COTE even has a non-yellowing UV retarding formulation used to enhance clear exterior finishes and seals the timber making it waterproof.