BIVOS Oil Wax – 250mL


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For interior use, for maintaining of previously waxed or oiled timber, as well as the care of Terra-Cotta tiles and linoleum. Produces a transparent, velvet gloss, moisture resistant, antistatic finish

Suitable for

Maintaining interior timber that has been previously leached, waxed or oiled.

As a final coat for timber previously primed with LIVOS oils and stains. For restoration of old furniture or wood carvings as well as the care of linoleum floors.

Also certified as suitable for toys.


Linseed oil, linseed oil- stand oil – natural resin ester, linseed oil — stand oil, orange oil, Isoaliphates, beeswax, micronized wax, carnauba wax, pine oil, alumina, rosemary oil and drying agents free of lead.