The Hobbyist Timber Supply Store OPEN DAY!

Saturday November 28th 2020 9am to 4pm

The Open Day 2020 is an event highlighting the products and services available at The Hobbyist Timber Supply Store (THTSS) but also to highlight our local Hobbyists, Crafts people and students who have supported the store being given an opportunity to display their work.

We invite our woodworkers from the Illawarra region and beyond to come and explore what is available right here in Corrimal. We welcome woodworkers at any level from the curious, the beginner all the way to our high-end hobbyist to join us, Saturday 28th November 2020 9am-4pm 

We will have discussions and displays featuring: 

  • Resin casting by local resin casters Mark & Matt, Demonstrations and discussion from Dave, Drive Marine Sydney providing tips and tricks, and live demonstrations using Luci Clear and Both Cote resins.
  • Woodturning demonstrations making pepper mill grinders on the ever popular RIKON 20-220 VRS lathe
  • Bandsaw demonstrations (basic and advanced operations) by Darryl using the RIKON 10-353 bandsaw
  • Timber finishing demonstrations using LIVOS Finishing Oils
  • Basic box making highlighting some of our beautiful Illawarra timbers such as Red Cedar and Southern Silky Oak. 
  • Urban salvaged timber milling at The Lucas Mill by Peter & Hayden

There will be also be plenty of timber for sale and ON SALE. Also a sale of handmade bespoke Christmas presents by our local Hobbyists.

For your safety social distancing and COVID–19 Restrictions apply.

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